I’m the mother of two, a 28 year old daughter and a 21 year old son who was born with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism. I have a blog (angiegrantman.blogspot.com) that is mostly about our life with Josh (although I haven’t written in it for a while now). He has changed so much about me, all of which are improvements to say the least. When Josh was born, I was an assistant vice president for an investment banking firm in its Washington DC office. Now I’m his primary care provider and living in Kansas. I’ve gone through all of the grieving phases associated with planning a trip to Italy, but landing in Holland. Now, I just enjoy life, my family, my friends and my passion for sewing. I discovered that passion when I moved to Kansas and became a stay at home Mom. Designing and sewing competitive dance costumes (my daughter was a dancer) and other fun stuff became my outlet for emotional survival. Now, I’ve retired from designing and sewing dance costumes and have been exercising my creative mind by making fun things for friends and family and for Fragile X fundraisers. I consider myself more of a textile artist than a precision quilter, but I do like to dabble in all sorts of genres. Late in life, I found myself becoming more involved in the Fragile X community through fundraising and advocacy and social networking. I was one of five founding members of the Kansas Fragile X Group, and I’m the Kansas contact for the FRAXA Research Foundation. I love connecting with other families on a similar journey with a child challenged by special needs. My journey it seems is only just beginning. I hope my experiences and/or my creativity will comfort or help or at least make someone smile along the way.



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